Heritage Database

Detailed listing of abandoned, encroached, vandalised and neglected ancient structures along with its historical details.

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Awareness Campaigns

Spreading awareness through media & campaigns; restoration activities through Shram daan activities.

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Empowering communities

Educating and empowering local community to take part in this initiative thereby protecting our nationally important historic sites.

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Job Opportunities

Internship, Part time /full time Job Opportunities both field and desk jobs as a part of this initiative at various locations. 

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Interested? Here is how you can Contribute

Are you interested in working for a  greater cause? There are many ways you an contribute. Follow us on social media and promote the cause.

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Monuments in Ruins


We intensively research the monument , related history, legalities associated with it and surrounding area to determine the challenges it faces and the specific steps it requires for successful conservation and management. We then create cleaning up plans, conservation and management plans before proceeding along with legal advisors.

By adopting the site for maintenance and using tailored scientific methods, sophisticated solutions, and proven conservation ethics, Indic Heritage Foundation aims to restores the monumental character of a site so monument can relive its legacy and fulfill its potential. Our projects empower people to become responsible stewards of their own heritage, and to transform their past into a vibrant part of their living present.

Conservation of heritage sites includes generally, buildings, artefacts, structures, areas and precincts of historic, aesthetic, architectural, cultural or environmentally significant nature (heritage buildings and heritage precincts), natural feature areas of environmental significance or the sites of scenic beauty.

Heritage sites represent an integral component of the tourism and economic activity in many countries. Many of our jobs and enterprises are dependent on, attracted to or based in historic buildings and spaces.We explore various options to make the ecosystem self sustaining as well as to generate various other modes of self funding activities thereby providing economic opportunities to local community.

About us

We are group of like minded professionals with a goal to revive the heritage based activities across India and partner with local societies and various other entities to rebuild these Heritage monuments. We work on bringing a complete harmony in the society via various projects which will ensure the spiritual, economic and social well being of the individuals.